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Peg & Pole Tents for Sale

Peg & Pole tents for sale in India. Boss tents are the market leaders in manufacturing tents and more importantly tent accessories worldwide. Our Peg & Pole tent are designed to create an ambiance at your event and functions. Peg & Pole tent are the old fashioned carnival tents that create an emotional attachment when you see them in reality. These tents are manufactured out of the best quality materials. We can manufacture them to suite the size of your function or event. They are also available in a whole host of colors. Our strong poles are erected firmly into the ground ensuring its stable. We take pride in our manufacturing as we believe that quality goods are the key to happy customers. These aerodynamic tents feature impeccable strength, durability, and design magnificence. The high peaks and graceful curves of Peg and Pole Tents accentuate any event and create memories that last a lifetime.

Peg & Pole Tents Manufacturers in India

Boss tents are leading Peg & Pole Tents Manufacturers in India. Our High Peak Tension Tents or Peg & Pole tents are large, engineered tents offering a high peak profile and are an excellent choice for glamorous, upscale, red carpet events. With elegant peaks, lofty ceilings and spacious interiors, the overall quality and visual appeal of Pole Tents makes them perfectly suited for high-end parties, galas, weddings, private affairs, and corporate events.

Peg and pole tents are available in many different sizes;

-5M X 5M; 5M X 10M

-7M X 12 M

-9M X 15M; 9M X 18M; 9M X 21M;9M X 24M; 9M X 27M;9M X 30M

-12M X 30M

-15M X 24M; 15M X 30M; 15M X 33M

We are also able to custom make a tent to suite your requirements, in terms of sizes as well as colors.


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Peg & Pole Tents Manufacturers

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