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Boss Tents introduce Stretch Tents for Sale in India. Stretch tents also known as Bedouin Tents and Cheese tents. These Tents are radically innovated in the world wide tents and manufacturing industry. You cannot underestimate the beauty of these structures and the buzz and excitement they create every time they are used. They will ensure that your event will remain long in the memory of everybody who attended. In terms of function they are extremely adaptive and offer practical solutions. Our enthusiastic design team will enjoy designing and even branding your tents to your specifications. Stretch tents can be seen as the modern day tent used to enhance the ambiance of your event. We are capable in producing the personalized tent according customers requirement, printing logo, different shape for specific application. We have professional technical engineers and production lines with CNC machine, enable us to meet all your demand for tents. We will be your best supplier to provide the production and research and development for all kinds of tents.

Stretch Tents Manufacturers by Boss Tents India


Our Stretch Tent are manufactured using specially developed high tensile multi filament yarns. This combined with the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensure super strong structures with burst point of over two tons. Bedouin material is a unique 100% waterproof fabric means their capacity for Transformation and re-invention of space is spectacular. Large Stretch tents can have sides up or down creating different atmospheres for different types of events.



Boss tents provides different types of tents like, Peg & Pole Tents, Aluminium Tents, Frame Tents, Stretch Tents, Pagoda Tents, Canvas Tents and many more. We also supply our customers with a one stop tent shop experience by providing tent accents and accessories to complement the tents you have purchased. Some of our tent accessories include: Plastic Chairs, Tiffany Chairs, Wimbledon Chairs, Phoenix Chairs, Plastic Folding Tables, Mobile Chillers, Mobile Freezers, Tarpaulin Tarps, Flooring and Gas Stoves.



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